Comharchumann Oileán Árainn Mhóir, Arranmore Island, County Donegal, Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way - Slí An Atlantaigh Fhiáin

The Townlands

Aphort , Arranmore Island, County Donegal, Ireland
Monument to those from Arranmore who gave their lives at sea and Harbour and ferry terminal on Oileán Árainn Mhóir, Arranmore Island
The Townlands
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Árainn Mhór – Arranmore - An Roinn Mhór

Árainn Mhór is divided into thirteen townlands. The names of each of the townlands originate from the Irish language. The physical characteristics of the area influenced the naming of that area.

 An Leadhb Gharbh

Leadhb - a piece of land
Gharbh - rough.

Located in Leadhb Gharbh:

Poll a’Mhadaigh

The meaning of Poolawaddy is often disputed!
Poll a’Mhadaigh
Poll - the harbour
a’Mhadaigh - of dogs
Poll na mbadaí
Poll - the harbour
na mbadaí - of the boats

Many of the first islanders sent to Beaver Island by the Landlord, John Stoupe Charley were from Poll an Mhadaigh.

Located in Poll an Mhadaigh:
Arranmore Lifeboat Station which was opened in 1997 by Daniel O’Donnell.

Scraig an tSeabhaic - Scraig

Scraig - rock
tSeabhaic - of the hawk.
Báigh Bhéal a’Chraoise is located off Scraig.

Na Goirt Ghearra

Goirt - fields
Ghearra - short. At the crossroads in Gortgarra there is a hill known as ‘Pinkie Hill’. It was so named following the return from Scotland of young local girls wearing pink dresses!

Na Clocha Corra

Cloch - stone or boulder
corr - rounded or projecting.

Located in Cloghcor:

Fál an Ghabhann

Fál - hedge or barrier
Ghabhann - smith.

Located in Fál an Ghabhann:

Baile an tSratha

Baile - village or townland
tSratha - low-lying land along a river or lake.

Located in Baile an tSratha:

 Baile Ard - Ballard

Baile - village or townland
Ard - high.


Uileann - elbow or corner.

The Church of St Crone’s (built in 1825 and extended in 1917) borders the townlands of Illion and Ballintra.


Plochóg - hallow.
The townland of Plochóg is a quarter of a mile in length.

Located in Plochóg:

 Leadhb Reannagh

Leadhb - a piece of land
Reannagh - headland.
Located in An Leadhb Reannagh:


Athphort - out-port. The predominant language spoken in Athphort is Gaeilge.

Na Tuarthaí

Tuar - dry, or it can also mean a ploughed field into which sheep are put.

Granite was quarried in Torries and taken by horse and cart to build the lighthouse.